Kyria - Chloé Boutron 

Kyria is an indigo child. Raised by Mrs Peitharkhia from an early age, she has an important role within her organization, thanks to her fighting skills and her loyalty. Contained and cold, she will however be destabilized by Peter's arrival. Her mission within the organization is to make sure people's destiny come to pass with the help of the "spirits" who serve the gods. 



Peter - Raf Bessaoud

Peter is a father, in unemployment. Further to a simple RDV at the shrink, his life is going to fall over. It is a very open person of spirit. He will be at first, of a big clumsiness which can sometimes push to the limit Kyria, but afterward, he will gain confidence in him and will develop his hidden capacities. As Kyria, Peter is a lost indigo child. But a child who will have never had the education that the other children indigo were able to have. Which makes of him a "special" person



Luinil Jennifer Maria

She is a member of the organization which persists in wanting to save lives and to do so that fate does not apply. Luini is a mortal and supervises the numerous operations of the SPES



Briga - Caroline Gaillard


Under Luinil's orders, Briga is the best of SPES fighters. Her objective is to prevent the spirits from orchestrating their misdeeds, and for this, she will try to expel them of the bodies that they will have taken for hosts.

She becomes the main rival of Kyria.



Peitharkhia - Stéphanie Boucher


Mrs Peitharkhia is the spirit of the obedience. At first, she(it) has no "physical" envelope. Her mission is to educate the children indigo as the gods understandit whom it obeys.It is the cold woman, exteriorizing no feelings, who educates in a rigorous and disciplinary way. However, she will do everything to protect the children whom it considers as being his



Lieutenant Gamil - Fabrice Reeves


Oko Gamil is Lieutenant and a partner of Captain Thorell for several years. Years which allowed to weave a link mattering between them. Lieutenant Gamil has speed look, sometimes mischievous, but always ready to make his work.



Captain Thorell - Severine Turgard


Adelina Thorell is Captain in the police. She is very down-to-earth and She never concludes hastily, which makes of her a good investigator. She will be to investigate corpses which Peter will leave behind him.



Eunomie - Imen Chelli


Eunomie is a mysterious women who manages the FATALIS oragnisation. Organization for which work Kyria.



Dicaeosyne - Eebra Tooré


Dicaeosyne alias Dik, spirit of the justice and the righteousness is the leader of the organization ARES. Luinil and Briga works under his orders. Through is naration, Dik will ask us if we have to believe in the FATE.



Chronos - David Azoulé


Chronos, intervenes regularly in season 1 of FATUM. The other gods fear him and he protect Peter. But why?